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Use the world's best IT and OT tools in your factory

Easily integrate and manage your Industrial IoT infrastructure. The United Manufacturing Hub is the first to seamlessly manage all IT and OT components and unlock their potential at scale.
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Focus on what you do best

Thousands of IT/OT professionals around the world are connecting their production technologies (OT) to their company's IT.

Empower your enterprise applications

High-Volume Machine Connectivity Combined with Robust and Ultra-Fast Data Processing.

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Unified Namespace

Event-driven architecture for manufacturing. Decoupling of applications, preventing vendor lock-ins and speed up implementation.

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Data Historian

Extraction, storage and contextualization of time-series data in manufacturing.

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Analytics and KPIs

Creation of transparency dashboards for continuous process improvement.

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Leverage your IT ecosystem

Use a Unified Namespace infrastructure to enrich your current IT systems.


Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Machines

UMH and Tulip together bridge the human-machine divide by connecting the human-focused parts of the production process to the Unified Namespace.

This provides operators with work instructions, machine dashboards, and a MES replacement to improve production efficiency and traceability.

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Build a scalable and secure Industrial IoT (IIoT) infrastructure

HiveMQ, and United Manufacturing Hub partnered to help customers build a scalable and secure Industrial IoT (IIoT) infrastructure.

United Manufacturing Hub and HiveMQ will work together on customer engagements to help manufacturers extract, contextualize, standardize, store and visualize data from the shop floor.

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