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Announcing Tulip partnership

Tulip and the United Manufacturing Hub have teamed up to bring frontline operations to Europe!

A few years ago, our CTO Jeremy Theocharis had the pleasure of integrating Tulip into the Digital Capability Center Aachen and was immediately excited about the solution. It was intuitive, fun to work with, and had a clear benefit to the production line.

For a few years, they parted ways, and Jeremy focused on building the United Manufacturing Hub, an open-source Helm Chart for Kubernetes, along with his colleagues Christian and Alex. In the meantime Tulip continued to improve and roll out its frontline operations platform, including digital work instructions, next-gen MES, and cycle time analytics.

Now, the two companies are coming together again in the space of Industrial IoT and Unified Namespace / MQTT :

We are now an official Tulip System Integrator and will deeply integrate and maintain Tulip applications in customers' IT / OT landscape.

"The United Manufacturing Hub is an automated IIoT infrastructure that provides a best-in-class data foundation. With the Open-Source Stack, we are able to easily connect to multiple industrial assets to enhance our no-code platform solutions. We look forward to working together to improve frontline operations."
- Damir Hrnjadovic, Leader Sales Channel EMEA at TULIP Interfaces
"The Tulip solution is an excellent no-code platform for digitizing frontline operations. It enables its users to create and edit apps tailored to the operation at hand. Together with Tulip, we are able to provide a modern IIoT infrastructure together with multiple state-of-the-art solutions."
- Jeremy Theocharis, Co-Founder and CTO of UMH Systems GmbH

Stay tuned to learn more about how our customers are using Tulip and the United Manufacturing Hub, and let us know if you're interested in talking about this topic.

In our recent blog article we have described our latest project with Tulip.

For more detailed information about Tulips solutions, have a look their website.

If you want to know more about our Open-Source Software, have a look at our United Manufacturing Hub.

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