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Selected Projects

The United Manufacturing Hub has been deployed in multiple application cases and various industries. With the Open-Source toolkit, the user is able to build a reliable and secure Industrial IoT platform which is the foundation for IT/ OT connection as well as IoT applications.

Semiconductor industry

A semiconductor manufacturer producing components for respiratory equipment needs to fully utilize its machine capacity to meet the increased demand due to the COVID 19 crisis. For this purpose, we have implemented hardware and software components to lay the foundation for bottleneck and process analyses and to support the optimization of the production process through insights. 


Flame cutting and blasting

An international steel group operating several flame cutting plants (>1000 employees) wants a cross-plant overview by networking a heterogeneous machine park. For this purpose, we connected and retrofitted various machines and sensors to create the basis for continuous improvement processes based on real-time data. 



Digitalization and automation of a German brewery together with a bottling plant manufacturer. The brewery wants to connect several non-digital brewery plants to a central IT infrastructure to analyze causes of malfunctions. We connected and retrofitted several plants to create the basis for an end-to-end stop basis and bottleneck analysis.


​Learning Factory 

​The Digital Capability Center requires the planning and implementation of a Greenfield Factory IT/OT infrastructure to showcase the digital transformation of a company. For this purpose, we have connected various data sources and software solutions as the basis for several software applications and programs.

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