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Flame cutting and blasting


Steel processing

Project duration:

6 months



Connected Machines

11 machines at 2 factories

Machine type

Plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting, shot blasting 

The customer is an international steel group, which finishes steel sheets in a wide range of production processes for various industries. The company requires digital integration of the various production lines into a cross-site system. Both old and new plants at the various production sites have to be connected.

Initial situation and implementation

The company supplies high-quality products and is one of the market leaders in the industry. In order to increase throughput through a continuous improvement process, the company needed cross-factory transparency of the current production processes. The particular challenge was that the company has an extremely heterogeneous machine park, which consists of different machines and production processes from various manufacturers. Both new and old machines, some of which are more than 10 years old, are used.

We connected the systems via additional sensors or direct connection via the PLC and then trained the personnel, from machine operators to plant managers, in the operation of the software.

Together with the employees of the two production sites, we have developed various dashboards that are specifically tailored to their needs.



The implemented system provides the management with a real-time overview of the production processes at the respective sites. The results are visualized via the dashboard, enabling easy comparison of the individual production lines.

In addition, production quantities and reasons for stops, for example, are recorded and can be discussed in the shift dialog in order to bring about continuous improvements.


The sales department of the company was also benefiting from the solution, as the real-time data from production is used for internal price calculation.


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