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Connecting Dots

Scale the Industrial IoT

Bringing the worlds best IT and OT tools into the hands of the engineer.

Build a scalable and secure Industrial IoT infrastructure

Standardize your implementation, avoid unnecessary licensing costs and vendor lock-in and reduce personnel costs by sourcing knowledge.

United Manufacturing Hub

The United Manufacturing Hub is an Open-Source Helm Chart for Kubernetes, which combines state-of -the-art IT / OT tools & technologies and brings them into the hands of the engineer.

Support licenses

Receive technical support and expertise with unlimited incidents and guaranteed updates and releases over the lifetime of the subscription for your instances of the United Manufacturing Hub.

Management Console

The Management Console is an infrastructure-as-a-code tool to centrally manage, fully automate and continuously monitor all your instances of the United Manufacturing Hub.

Come closer and look what we have done

Learn more about the United Manufacturing Hub, IT, OT and the Industrial IoT in our publicly available learning platform. This includes guides and troubleshooting articles for common tools in IIoT like Node-RED and Grafana.

Facts and figures

We ❤️ our Partners


Our vision:
"Every factory in the world runs on Open-Source"

Open-Source is the future: 100% of all supercomputers use Linux, 95% of all public cloud providers use Kubernetes and the Mars Helicopter Ingenuity uses f-prime. We are confident that it will find its place in Manufacturing as well.


We were among the first to use it in Manufacturing. We are experts.

Our story goes back to the year 2016, where we had the pain of integrating and maintaining various way too costly Industrial IoT solutions. Existing vendors were focusing only on the end result, which resulted in large-scale IIoT projects failing, because they were not addressing the actual challenges.

After suffering for years, we were fed up in 2021 and decided to do something about it. Since then all our products and services are focused on efficiently integrating and operating large scale IIoT infrastructures.

Connecting Dots

Are you ready to scale your Industrial IoT infrastructure?

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