United Manufacturing Hub

The Open-Source Manufacturing App Platform

The United Manufacturing Hub is an open-source industrial IoT and manufacturing application platform enabling users to connect, store, and access all relevant data sources in industrial manufacturing sites and build user-centric dashboards and applications.

We connect your factory – simply, quickly, and securely.

The United Manufacturing Hub is based on open-source architecture leveraging state-of-the-art hardware and software components. It brings together all the necessary building blocks to digitize your machines, production lines, and your entire factory in a simple, fast, yet scalable and secure way. Best of all, the Open Core is free of charge – forever.

Join the private beta

The United Manufacturing Hub has been successfully deployed in several factories and is currently connecting 100+ machines and production lines. We are going to launch our private beta in July 2021. Are you interested? Apply to join our community!



Learn more about the system that connects your entire factory. A dashboard is always a good place to start...


For every user, the perfect app...

The applications are as diverse as the different users in the factory – from the machine operator to the production manager. Hand-in-hand with our open ecosystem, developer community, and partner network, we are constantly refining existing applications and adding new ones.

For every user the perfect feature
Easy to implement and open architecture

... with an easy to implement and open architecture.

The open-source IT/OT stack meets the needs of highly complex manufacturing environments by leveraging existing, state-of-the-art IT and OT building blocks and supplementing them with our own components and solutions.

Why your IT loves us

We built the United Manufacturing Hub with the needs of your IT in mind from day one and adhere to the highest standards of flexibility, scalability, security, and data protection.


Open-source and well-documented standard interfaces (MQTT, REST, etc.).


Horizontal scaling, including fault tolerance through Docker/Kubernetes/Helm. Edge devices can be set up and configured quickly in large quantities.


Flexible deployment options from on-premise to hybrid to public cloud. Free choice of programming language.


ReReady-made manufacturing apps are included. Use of established automation standards (OPC/UA, Modbus, etc.).


Builds exclusively on well-documented software components supported by a large developer community.


Meets the highest data protection standards. Compliant with the three pillars of information security: Confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Successful implementations

Here are selected success cases from our installations across industries that show how the United Manufacturing Hub is used in practice.


Contact the experts of the United Manufacturing Hub!

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Our offering

For everyone...


Open Core

The core of our software is completely open and free of charge – for everyone, forever!



We can host your system, including ready-to-use applications and enterprise support.


Building kit

Pick and choose relevant components and fit our software core into your existing IT infrastructure.


Certified Hardware

We provide a one-stop solution including starter kits, edge computers, plug-and-play sensors, and accessories.


Consulting & Implementation

Our specialists can help with any service you need, including implementation, training, maintenance, and support.