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Semiconductor industry

A semiconductor manufacturer producing components for respiratory equipment needs to fully utilize its machine capacity to meet the increased demand due to the COVID 19 crisis. For this purpose, we have implemented hardware and software components to lay the foundation for bottleneck and process analyses and to support the optimization of the production process through insights. 

Company profile

The client is an international company specializing in the manufacture of high-tech semiconductor products, which it produces in various facilities. The target industries are the automotive industry, industrial applications in general and medical technology in particular.




> 1000

Project duration:

2 months

Connected machines:

1 machine

Machine type:

Dispenser robot

Initial situation and implementation

The semiconductor manufacturer faced a major challenge during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. During the first wave, demand for semiconductors used in the manufacture of respiratory equipment soared. As demand increased tenfold in a very short period of time, a quick and straightforward solution had to be found to meet the orders. Production had to be faster and at the same time ensure high quality. Together with the manufacturer, we developed an objective with a corresponding implementation plan.

The implementation of the required hardware on site took place within 2 hours (with safety instruction) during the lunch break of the machine operators. After the installation, the first data could be viewed in the dashboard. Our system formed the basis for the subsequent bottleneck and process analysis as well as for the optimization.


After implementation, the first data was extracted from the system, evaluated and displayed on the hub dashboard. In the following days, an analysis was carried out to identify initial optimization potential. For this purpose, the exact reasons why the connected system stopped were recorded and analyzed.

As a result, our system was able to determine that the machine was experiencing downtime because it was waiting for material from upstream process steps. Narrowing down the reason for the stoppage to a specific process step enabled the manufacturer to analyze this step more deeply with our support and to work out optimization potential. 

The semiconductor manufacturer was able to respond to the higher demand by optimizing its production process based on the insights gained from the analyzed information.

Installed hardware

United Factorycube

IO-Link Gateway

Proximity Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

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