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We are United Manufacturing Hub

Our mission is to build the best open-source tool to take factories to the future. And we are just getting started.

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From tech incubator to leading industrial data operations platform

Early Days

Jeremy was tasked with implementing various “Industry 4.0” solutions but experienced challenges firsthand.


Developing Retro Fit Kit

As most manufacturers back then didn't yet have the standard interfaces ready, we developed a retrofit kit to obtain the data via external sensors.


Alex is joining the System Integrator.

Based on one-time projects, Alex joins Jeremy to build a system integrator, where they also develop UMH on the side to leverage themselves.


Starting a product Company & teaming up with Christian

Now transitioning from Services to Product, MBA graduate Christian joins, bringing key business and communication skills to execute our vision.


United Manufacturing Hub is born

Founders establish United Manufacturing Hub, open-sourcing the project and building the first ever Open-Source community in manufacturing.


Global expansion and growing team

UMH grows to 11 employees, with global stack deployment and a diverse community supporting the mission.


Management console launch

Introduction of management console, a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing the UMH platform.


Seed Round

We closed our seed round with Freigeist onboard to build better projects faster and scale all other business functions along the way.


To the moon

Remain committed to improve united namespace architecture with ongoing innovation, community building, and sustainable growth.

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Ongoing mission

Meet the founders

Operations and Sales

Alexander Krüger

Product and Community

Jeremy Theocharis

Finance and Marketing

Christian Proch


Senior Advisors

Frank Thelen

Founder and Investor at Freigeist and 10xDNA

Dr. Dennis Kuesters

Founding Partner at DnA Ventures

Hannes Schwaderer

Ex Germany-CEO, Intel

UMH in press

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United Manufacturing Hub

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