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Energy & Resource Optimization

Reducing overall energy consumption and related costs with energy monitoring of each asset


Reduced operating costs by identifying energy-saving opportunities and the need for asset maintenance

Reduced energy consumption by analyzing influence of individual products and machine parameter settings

Reduced reaction time in case of faulty equipment due to alerts


Visualize and customize

Visualizing energy consumption per machine, plant, or company wide in a real-time Grafana dashboard allows easy monitoring. Fully customizing to users and company specifics enables intuitive overviews for managers and operators that are actively used.

Analyzing historic data

Accessing real-time and historic data of all shop floor assets and production to identify historic patterns in the range of weeks to years. Correlating specific machine parameters and production orders to energy consumption allows to generate unique insights.


Monitoring assets with real-time Grafana alerts enables notifications of potential issues and allows to reduce downtime by proactively addressing problems.