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Digital Product Shadow

Collect product specific process data to generate a Digital Product Shadow and have full traceability of every single unit.


Reduced time for root-cause analysis cuts down quality issues

Reduced time to identify reasons for customer claims

Increased yield by predicting product quality before the final process step


Track and Trace product parameters

Collecting in-depth process data and associating it with single products meets regulatory requirements and helps to track down causes of customer complaints. The collected data enables feedback loops to engineering for product and process improvements, like optimized NC codes for CNC machining.

Real-time Production Insight

Collecting real-time data enables complete transparency of production processes. Monitoring KPIs like production rates, process parameters and quality metrics allows to quickly react to process deviations and dropping product quality.

Predicting product and process quality

Using analytics on collected data enables to identify failure patterns and predict quality or process issues. Generated insights allow to schedule maintenance, reduce downtime and ensure machines are running at peak performance.