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Shop floor connectivity infrastructure

Integrate IT and OT to gain full transparency of production and take data-driven decisions.


Reduced time and cost for the implementation of new data connections

Reduced number of tools required to connect a diverse machine park

Reduced maintenance effort for data source connections


Integration with all interfaces and manufacturers

The large amount of standardized connectors in the provided tool chain enables connecting to all assets and IT systems without using a high number of exotic and costly tools.

Toolkit for IT and OT professionals

NodeRed and Benthos enable IT and OT professionals to intuitively connect assets and devices to the UNS. These tools ensure high user acceptance and can be centrally maintained by IT professionals.

Designed for Cyber Security

Using a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) safely connects IT and OT networks, protecting valuable industrial assets. It follows a defense-in-depth security approach to guard against various threats and minimize cyberattack risks. This method increases cybersecurity by creating multiple layers of protection, safeguarding the continuous operation and integrity of the systems.