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Overall Equipment Effectiveness and its optimization

Optimize production, reduce costs, and improve quality through transparency and insights generated with configurable dashboards and detailed analytics.


Increased OEE by easily identifying optimization potential

Increased machine availability with real-time data monitoring and alerts

Increased speed of root-cause problem solving due to increased transparency


Visualize and customize

Visualizing shop floor data with templates for machine states, production orders, shifts, KPIs (OEE, Availability, Performance), stop reasons histograms and paretos. The flexibility of Grafana allows to customize the dashboards to specific production environments and user personas like Production Manager or Machine Operator.

Access to historic data

Accessing real-time and historic data of all shop floor assets to identify historic patterns in the range of weeks to years.


Monitoring processes with real-time Grafana alerts, enables to reduce downtime by proactively addressing problems.