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Unified Namespace

Create a single source of truth for all your enterprise and shopfloor data, in an event-driven architecture with a consistent and standardised data model.


Reduced maintenance costs for point-to-point connections

Reduced vendor lock-in through an open message broker architecture

Reduced application integration cost 
by easy accessible data


Message Broker Architecture

Integrating the automation pyramid via different protocol converters into to an event-driven architecture. Data sources like PLC tags are converted to events which are sent to our central data broker (MQTT Broker + Kafka Broker). There all enterprise data is shared with other consumers like Databases and applications.

Standardized ISA95 Data Model

Enforcing the ISA95 Data model (enterprise/site/area/line7asset/…) on the Topic of each data point and standardizing the message payload. Including by standard relevant contextual data like timestamp, type, status, etc. simplifies working with large amounts of devices. This enables Data Scientist and Business Analysts to quickly collect the required data and generate value instead of interviewing subject matter experts for each data point.