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Digital Work Order

Connect frontline workers to the Unified Namespace to provide access to relevant data and capture their insights.


Reduced error prone,
paper based documentation

Increased transparency in manual processes by collecting digital data from workers

Improved production performance by providing the right information to the workforce


Interactive User Dashboard

Connect Tulip to the UNS to enable the operator cockpit, that centralizes all relevant information in one location. These include a combination of machine and MES data, such as next order to be produced or the progress of the current order. AI models for visual quality inspection and operator support can be easily added in the platform.

Paperless Instructions and documentation

Tulip provides capabilities to create paperless work instruction and documentation which can be accessed on demand. This allows to reduce error prone paper documentation on the shop floor, reduce training effort for new workers and by that improve product quality.

Light MES capabilities

Tulip serves as a quick and efficient replacement for traditional MES systems when only few functionalities are required. It allows supervisors to easily rearrange production orders, and push these to machines and assembly stations for execution. Additionally, it centrally gathers data from the shop floor, such as operator feedback and reports, providing a comprehensive view of the production process.