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Open-Source Historian

Store and access your enterprise data in a state-of-the-art, open-source database instead of an outdated historian. Modern databases offer more stable capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Visualization tools like Grafana allow the automation engineer to explore and analyze shop floor data similar to historians.


Reduce licensing cost by leveraging open-source databases

Improve OEE by analyzing historic and real-time data

Reduce data exploration time by consolidating OT and IT data sources into a single database


Data visualization and alerting

Transform data into actionable insights with Grafana, enabling easy creation of custom dashboards. Quickly configure visuals for immediate troubleshooting of production processes and setup of custom alerts once patterns are identified.

Tailored for OT engineers

Access data standardized in ISA95 standard to quickly and intuitively access and explore process data.

Save process data redundantly in high availability database

Store audit relevant data in modern open-source databases running on-premise and cloud. High availability, cost-effective redundancy, and modern features increase data safety and cyber security.