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About UMH

United Manufacturing Hub bridges your factory to your IT applications

Connect all your machines, sensors, and systems in your factory to a single point where all data is available in a standardized and real-time format, making it easy to integrate into all your applications and vice versa.

Cloud Datalake
Temperatur­ sensor

We make data application ready with our IT / OT integration platform


All data accessible in a single point with our real-time and event driven architecture: the Unified Namespace.


Gain a clear understanding and control over your IT and OT systems.


Build with scaleable & proven cloud native technologies on top of established automation standards.

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We finally found a product that is stable and flexible enough to connect all of our assets and sensors. Within weeks we achieved process transparency we never had before.

Choosing an IoT system can be daunting due to high costs and integration complexities. UMH stood out by seamlessly combining microservices for effortless setup and customization. Its open-source approach offered the flexibility to fully tailor our IoT system, bridging IT and OT efficiently.

I think that the future of industrial infrastructure must be modular and open source, as this is the only way to make data easily available and components interchangeable.

Integrates with popular industrial automation systems, software & platforms

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