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We are UMH

Learn more about our story and the team behind it

We are bringing the best IT and OT tools in the hand of the engineers

As the team behind the United Manufacturing Hub we are working relentlessly to make the best technologies available in a simple and effective way and provide a foundation for everyone to share their knowledge and experiences.

By the numbers


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Meet the founders

The Leadership team of a strong and complementary team that is dedicated to bring our mission to life.

Alexander Krüger

Alexander Krüger

Operations & Sales

Jeremy Theocharis

Jeremy Theocharis

Product & Community

Christian Proch

Christian Proch

Finance & Marketing

We love our partners

Software Defined Automation

How we got started


The early vision

Jeremy, working as a project manager at the Digital Capability Center, identifies the need for better solutions in the manufacturing industry and becomes inspired to make a change.

Sensor kit breakthrough

He develops a sensor kit that retrofits machines and collects valuable data, laying the foundation for the digitization of factories worldwide.

Forming a powerful partnership

Jeremy partners with Alex to shift their focus to building a product that assists engineers with integration.

Building the UMH stack

They recognize the potential of open-source tools, leading to the creation of the UMH stack — a comprehensive toolkit for the manufacturing industry.

Welcoming Christian to the Team

Christian, an MBA graduate with invaluable communication and business skills, joins the team and helps bring the UMH vision to life.

United Manufacturing Hub is born

The three founders establish United Manufacturing Hub, open-sourcing the project and fostering a community of like-minded individuals committed to revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

Global expansion and growing team

UMH has grown to 11 employees, with the stack deployed across the globe and a vibrant, diverse community supporting its mission.

Ongoing Mission

United Manufacturing Hub remains committed to creating a place where Operational Technology (OT) harnesses the power of Information Technology (IT) through open-source solutions, looking forward to many more years of innovation and growth.