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About us


The first three

The founders

We have been working in the market since 2017, founded a system integrator in 2019, and open-sourced all our knowledge and code base in 2021. 

The potentials are huge, but the breakthrough does not seem to have been made yet. We strongly believe that Open-Source is the solution and therefore we will strive to accelerate this.

The why and the how


"Every Factory in the World runs on Open-Source"

We are working towards leading the digital revolution in manufacturing through the use of Open-Source technology. We strongly believe that this is the only way to unlock the potential of the fourth industrial revolution.


"Put the most powerful IT and OT Tools in the hand of the Engineer"

In our opinion, the current problem is not a lack of technology, but rather a failure to make these technologies available in a simple and effective way so that they can realize their potential. We are working relentlessly to make this possible.

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