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suited for system integrators and SMEs
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  • Ecosystem agnostic
    We prefer vendor-neutral and/or open-source building blocks over reinventing the wheel.
  • Extensive community
    Gain from our 1700+ strong community's tested solutions, eliminating the need for individual proof-of-concept efforts.
  • Try it out NOW and RISK-FREE
    We aim to get you started in minutes, not after prolonged contract negotiations and development.
  • Full functionalities for a single instance
    Get everything you need to setup the IIoT infrastructure in your company as a single user for a single instance. No access to multi-site and collaboration features or enterprise plugins.


Starting at
$40k / year
suited for enterprises
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  • Everything in Community
    Software Level Agreement
    We provide a guaranteed software lifecycle, including security updates, with quick response times and expert support.
  • Multi-site and collaboration
    Set up multiple instances and collaborate with other users and departments in your company. This includes audit trails, multi-user authentication and authorization management, and approval processes.
  • Enterprise Plugins
    Enjoy benefits such 3rd party component integration, 3rd party alert system syncing, SSO, and much more.

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