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Management Console

Your Interface for Seamless Monitoring and Management of the UMH Integrated Platform

Orchestrating your IT/OT Infrastructure

The Supervisor / Watchdog

The Management Console is the cockpit/supervisor/watchdog of the UMH Integrated Platform. In a user-friendly interface, it allows configuration, management and monitoring of the entire data and device infrastructure.

Take control of your data flow, integrate 3rd party components, and manage authentication and authorization. You can reconfigure components, create audit trails, and monitor version history.

Configure and Monitor all Components

Configure and Monitor all components — from hardware and software to APIs and data streams - and get instant alerts.

Quickly recover from issues with automated backups and root-cause analysis.

Control all changes with authentication, authorization, audit trails and versioning.

Monitor all components—from hardware and software to APIs and data streams—for instant alerts. Quickly recover from issues with automated backups and root-cause analysis.

Connect and Understand All Data Streams

Understand all the data streams in your Unified Namespace - understand where data comes from and where it goes.

Connect to data sources on your shopfloor, and send it to enterprise systems.

Transform your data with the in-built versioned benthos.

If data suddenly stops coming, get notified immediately.


The UMH Integrated Platform's Management Console provides out-of-the-box features for IT/OT engineers.

  • Infrastructure Provisioning:
    Deploy the data infrastructure locally, on external devices (VMs, edge), in the cloud, or in hybrid scenarios.

  • Central Management:
    Reconfigure building blocks, monitor data streams (including tracing), handle versioning and approval processes, create audit trails, and integrate 3rd party components.

  • Advanced Monitoring:
    Interpret and filter error messages using our expert knowledge, detect potential issues (such as malformed messages or sudden throughput increases), and integrate with 3rd party alerting systems.

  • Swift Recovery:
    Enable infrastructure rollbacks and automated backups for quick problem resolution.

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